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Terms Beginning With - N

Property Development & Investment Glossary, Terms & Definitions

Negative amortization

A loan with an increasing rather than decreasing debt sum over time.

Negative cash flow

When your spending outweigh your income.

Negative leverage

Leverage in the other direction.


The negotiations between two or more parties to obtain an agreement on a transaction's terms and circumstances.


A geographical region with similar population and land use characteristics.

Neighbourhood shopping center

A modest shopping complex with 20 retail establishments and a grocery or drugstore as the anchor tenant. 50,000 square feet is the average size.

Net leasable area (NLA)

The area of a building that is leased to a tenant.

Net listing

A listing that does not include the real estate commission.

Net net lease

The renter pays the agreed-upon rent plus utilities, real estate taxes, insurance, and upkeep under a lease agreement.

Net net net lease

A lease in which the tenant is responsible for all maintenance and operation costs, as well as property taxes and insurance. A triple net lease is also known as a triple-net lease.

Net operating income (NOI)

The amount of money left over after all expenditures have been deducted from the total amount of money received.

Net operating income multiplier

The ratio of a property's sales or selling price to its net operational income. The overall capitalization rate is the reciprocal.

Net present value (NPV)

The renter pays the agreed-upon rent plus utilities and real estate taxes under a lease agreement.

Net (single) lease

In the case of a loan foreclosure, a mortgage condition that provides for the continuance of any leases.

Non-disturbance clause

In the case of a loan foreclosure, a mortgage condition that provides for the continuance of any leases.

Non recourse

There is no risk to the individual.

Normal wear and tear

Physical depreciation that occurs as a result of normal usage of a property.


A written promise to return an entity a specific sum on a specific date.

Notice of default

As a reminder of the default, a letter is issued to the defaulting party.

Notice to quit

A tenant's notice to depart the rented property.

Notorious possession

Possession of real estate that is widely recognised.

Null and void

A contract that can't be enforced.

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