How To Become A Real Estate Developer? Without Experience

Updated: October 17, 2021

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How To Become A Real Estate Developer Without A Degree Or Experience?

To become a real estate developer, you have to be an entrepreneur who understands the complete real estate development process as well as the financial and development related issues. Possess knowledge and skills to conduct financial feasibilitiesdue-diligence, organise development finance, setup development entity structures, conduct market research and understand real estate economics, i.e. the impact of economic parameters on real estate prices.

Don't let any of this scare you, because I break down everything on this website and in my property development courses for you, step by step…

So Before we find out, about how to become a real estate developer, I think we should first understand…

What Is Real Estate Development?

With no barriers to entry, real estate development is now accessible to anyone & everyone. Even Mum and dad, real estate investors, can use real estate development as part of their real estate investment strategy to grow their real estate portfolios exponentially.


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You Are The FORCE

You Are The FORCE

If you are a real estate developer, you are the FORCE that makes things happen and to realise your vision and your project; you must lead everyone involved with your project. You might be in the project by yourself, but it's still your job as a leader, to lead your team of consultants, agents, contractors etc. to the successful completion of the project.

From lenders, finance brokers, landowners, architects, consultants to state revenue office, lawyers, investors, buyers, and many others. All these people come together to form your team. Being in the hot seat and a leadership position, you are expected of specific deliverables, as well as responsible for managing, guiding, troubleshooting, supervising, negotiating, advertising and much more.

To carry out all these attributes with no or minimal possibility of error, you need to be sure about what you want. You need a plan and a vision to lead and guide others working with you.

How To become a real estate developer?

Two Main Things Will Guide Your Real Estate Development Journey:

  • A Strong Mindset and
  • A System

How To Become A Real Estate Developer? In 10 Actionable Steps

How To Become a Property Developer

4 Must Haves For Any Real Estate Development Project

  1. Land - is the natural resource and acts as a raw material…
  2. Labour - is the human effort
  3. Capital – is a manufactured instrument used to increase production…
  4. Entrepreneurship – the activity of going into business…

This is where you and I come in and this is how we earn profits…

And we do that by simply bringing together land, labour and capital…

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How To Become A Real Estate Developer?

Think Of Real Estate Developers As Orchestra Conductors…


Think Of Real Estate Developers As Orchestra Conductors…


Since the mid - 19th century, most conductors have not played an instrument when conducting…

Conductors, however, do have to know the limits of each instrument…

We as developers are no different, we do need to know the system…

And how everything comes together…

4 Elements to become a real estate developer

If you have land – you still need capital & knowledge

4 Elements to become a real estate developer2

If you have capital – you still need to find the right site & have the knowledge to do so…

4 Elements to become a real estate developer3

However, when you have the knowledge….

You will know where and how to find the capital and your first site for your first development.

Have you ever seen advertising of a real estate guru promising you their secret sauce, the confidential strategy, their little known loopholes that give you an edge in your investment journey?

Here's the real problem, you want to make money from real estate, you want to find lucrative real estate development deals, flipper deals, "get in" - "get out" deals - but so does everybody else. To make matters even worse, every time you attend these seminars, a thousand people are fighting to find the same kind deals you're out there every day trying to get.

Which means, not only is it harder for you to be able to find lucrative deals, but also the deals you do find are getting thinner because all these newbies are willing to pay more money for the same site, whether or not it even warrants that kind of money. So all the profit is gone out of the project before you have purchased the site.

If you undertake my flagship property development course, you will know the mechanics behind making sure that you never pay for land more than what it's worth.

It shows you how to find deals, how to VET potential projects in under a minute before anyone even knows there was a deal to be had. It shows you everything from inception to banking your profits, all packaged in my Real estate Development System.

For now, I want you to know, there are no secrets & there is no secret sauce. What will give you the edge is this ONE SKILL, that everyone knows about, but neither do people understand fully nor do they pay attention to it.

And real estate guru's skim through it - so they don't have to answer some hard questions. Even after spending thousands of dollars, none of the seminars I went to taught this ONE SKILL correctly.

So if you have been going to seminars and have come out scratching your head, know that it's not your fault, most real estate guru's don't have this skill themselves.

I explain various strategies in my property course called Property Development System, along with this ONE Skill that can catapult you to the top of the world, without prior experience and in some cases almost overnight (well, not quite - but it can result in just one deal)

So remember that's all it takes…

You Are One Deal Away From Becoming A Real Estate Developer…

And by the time you finish Property Development System, you will have the knowledge and the tools at your disposal to be able to do so.

Your success will boil down to three things:

A Good System

Your willingness to take action & follow the system

And the money you have to invest

A Good System

If you want to find great deals...

And if you're going to find deals before anybody else...

And you want to create a steady stream of income doing deal after deal; then you need to have a system that you can follow to a tee, without fail & do so over and over again without thinking.

A System That Not Only Tells You "What To Do", But Also Shows You Exactly "How-To" Do It.

Here's the truth, NO ONE HAS COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE - it is impossible. However, having as much knowledge as you possibly can is paramount. You will get hit, the day you start thinking that you know everything. However, as long as you continue to invest in your mind, you will always have & maintain your edge.

When I started, I was obsessed with knowing everything and my hunger hasn't yet subsided. I read books & took courses in real estate development, real estate investment, finance, asset protection, taxation, investment funds, capital raising and everything related that could give me an edge. I got so obsessed with numbers that I took two separate courses in financial modelling.


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How You Can Become A Real Estate Developer?

Growing up, I was one of the cool kids, had average grades, played a lot of sport and was my school's head boy in year 12. In reality, I think I am a nerd and a geek. Maybe at the time, I wasn't, but I am now.

I guess what gives that extra edge is that I take massive action. I go out of my way to apply to what I learn. And if I come across anything new that I've learned or read about, I try and implement and use it in my projects. And if it turns out to be purely theoretical, I discard it.

I recently got a call from a lady in Melbourne, who went through a 3-year degree in real estate and development related discipline at a renowned university but cannot apply anything in real life. She was so upset because she couldn't think of anything that she could use to find, stack and execute her developments.

Here's the deal with a university degree in real estate development, it is only useful if you wish to get a job in the corporate world & work for a development company. If yes, then get a degree in construction and get a job.

But if you wish to generate wealth and exponentially grow your portfolio, your university degree in real estate or any other related industry will be of as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike.

Here's another thing I would like to add, people who call themselves Real Estate Developers, but all they have done is work for a development company in a corporate environment, are not entrepreneurs and hence not real real estate developers.

Because they have never had their skin in the game, they have merely worked for KPI's, never risked their money and have no mental toughness simply because they have never handled the swings, that are inherent with real estate development.

Over the years, I have come to know a Quantity Surveyor with over 40 years of experience in this industry. Has a wealth of knowledge, but never did a single development his entire life. Not even a small duplex, why? Because he wants to live a risk-averse life. He has a wealth of knowledge but has never applied that knowledge to generate wealth for himself.

There is no harm in wanting a risk-averse experience, and if that's what you want, you should consider becoming an armchair investor. Armchair investors must also have the knowledge and skills to be able to recognise the right deals as well as the abilities of the entrepreneur who will manage their investment.

So stick with me because this website has everything you are looking for, whether you wish to become a full-time developer or an armchair investor.

Application & Action

There is absolutely no point in going through seminars and workshops & taking courses if people will never apply or act on that knowledge. You don't want to be the most knowledgeable, broke retired person.

For example, I know for a fact, that I offer the best course in real estate development, that is designed to take anyone from knowing nothing about real estate development to finding and executing their first boutique development, which will quickly make them a minimum of $50,000 - $150,000.

However, if people don't act on that knowledge or freeze when it's time to take the leap - they will never achieve their goals. So the take away for you is to make sure that you take action, you apply the knowledge in my property development courses. Go out and try and verify that learning - as that's where your real growth & transformation will take place.


By money, I don't just mean your cash, but also your ability to service loans & raise money. I am the last one who would want to discourage anyone who wants to get started in real estate development without their own money because I started with No Money Down Deals.

Even when all my money is tied up in projects, I never look at a deal - thinking I cannot do this, because I don't have money to invest.

I approach it by asking myself the following questions:

How can I do this deal?

How much money does it need?

Can I find this money?

Can I juggle the cashflow?

Can this project give my investors a decent return?

Is there something I can negotiate with the landowner?

What does the seller want?

How can I bring this deal together?

The Idea Of My Property Development System Is To Be Able To Change The Way You Look, Feel And Approach The Deals That You Come Across.

However, the hard truth about this strategy is that it requires cash upfront before it pays you back. It's like you can have your returns, and the windfall you shall receive, but you have to pay the price, and you have to pay all of it upfront. Whether that money goes in to getting educated or carrying your project to the finish line, it needs to be invested upfront.

So having some money to get you started is essential because everything you need to do for the project, from site reports, surveys, entity setup to hiring professionals - everything requires money upfront.

Ask any developer; their payday comes in 12, 24 & 36-month cycles. And when it comes, it sure does wipe away those tears that they shed until that day.

A Lot Of People Don't Have The Stomach For It, Not Because They Can't Do It, But Because They Can't See Through All The Steps In Front Of Them.

I am very analytical. I like to dot the I's & cross the T's. And as you would know, analytical people by nature take time to take the next step. And that's the reason; I had to learn everything even before I jumped in my first project.

As far as my personality is concerned, I seldom take a leap of faith, because I like to see things through, tick all my boxes and then move forward. Because that gives me confidence and clarity, and it becomes easier to take the next step.

Therefore, when you know that your project may take 12 months or more to turnaround, you have to have a plan to whether those months without cash flow. Which, means that if you are starting with little or no money of your own, you must have a big enough WHY to pull you through the obstacles and keep you going. Real estate development can be a tough cash flow strategy, especially if you are starting with no money.

Doing Creative Deals with little or no money of your own is not impossible if you set your mind to it. Commit to learning and applying the knowledge, and use your big enough WHY to keep you going. Focus on becoming that go-to person, who knows how to find the best deals, who knows how to execute the projects & the one who can make money for others. You will always have people who will be willing to invest with you.

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